Jumeirah Port Soller Hotel & Spa

Locate d on the picture sque and unspoi l t Northwe st coast of Mal lorca, Jume i rah Port Sol le r
Hote l & Spa brings a new standard of luxury to the Spanish island. Of fe ring far re aching and
stunning views across the mountains, the Me di te rrane an and the quaint port, this intimate
hote l e nsure s that gue sts wi l l fe e l part of the i r surroundings, ye t e njoy the world class se rvice
and tradi tional hospi tal i ty for which Jume i rah is re nowne d. Crowning a cl i f f ove rlooking the
tradi tional se aside vi l lage of Port Sól le r and surrounde d by the UNESCO He ri tage Tramuntana
Mountain range , the hote l give s the i l lusion of f loating be twe e n sky and se a. The hote l is 35
km away f rom Palma Inte rnational Ai rport and can be re ache d in around 35 minute s by car;
private transfe rs can be arrange d. The hote l has 121 rooms spre ad across 11 unde rstate d and
low- rise bui ldings cove ring 18.000 square me tre s, al l conne cte d by garde n walks and inte rnal
passageways surrounde d by natural rock and ve ge tation native to the island.